Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

somewhere in the 2000’s…..

am I flashing back? or is Wolf Blitzer repeating the same news soundbytes OVER and OVER AGAIN until my HEAD GOES NUMB and MY EYES AND EARS BLEED? Happily nightmare ever after… Days bleeding into days. Government death merchants, East India Jail Trade, Pharmaceutical Warfare, Working Man’s Plight, Yellow Journalism…. IT’S NOT FAIR AND RIGHT! Buy the Constitution. Doctors playin’ Lawyers Judges playin’ Doctors Doctors playin’ Judges, and Police PLAYIN’ GOD… but GOD’S NOT PLAYING. don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry It’s []


the Damned Looking into the Inner Sanctum of Paradise. a Beautiful Mousetrap that Attracted Photographers and Celebrities. Feline Palate Orgasm. a Mirage of Escapism, a Con, that Quickens the Heartbeat. Feigned Safety. and “I’m Dying.” ….sleep…..

on Holiday

Lost in a Foreign, Empty Strip Mall Parking Lot, I was cold and alone. Holding My Christmas Wrapping Paper, I realized that I am not pretty enough to get abducted, my bad. I read the transit schedule incorrectly, horizontally. No One thought me Old Enough to Bother Jeering at me, Cars Zipping Past. It’s okay. I am here ON LEAVE, TWO DAY PASS, REST AND RELAXATION… Before I RETURN to WORK AS A DAMNED ANGEL IN HELL.


Even in Madness, the World Seemed Without Limits. Dancing Together.. Inebriated in Love (lust).

…the Last Time I Saw Mugs…

Mugs was jubilant when Smokey Robinson are arrived for a regular visit. I was not aware that they were friends, but that didn’t surprise me. I was excited as well, for a different reason. Ya see, the Bob Dylan concert hall had been damaged in a tornado. I caught wind, that his performance would be taking place in my apartment complex’s parking lot instead, right outside my back door, next to my neighbor’s broken-down Dodge Ram Truck. I was standing right by []


Dream. I Could be a Quarterback. Backyard, Cold Air Gray Clouds, Memory. Dad’s in the Den, Wanna Play Catch. He Wants to Relax, Watching His Team Lose. Desperately Wanting to Win- I’ll Kick a Field Goal for Ya!! But I Can’t Even Clear the Fence, Try and Try. Dream. I Could be a Quarterback. Maybe Next Time. Throwing the Bean Bag Ball in the Basement. Alone, I am My Own Receiver. Pitched Perfectly, On a Dime, TOUCHDOWN!!

Buddha Chat Support

a Granola Bar Rolling Down the Street on a Mountain Bike. Waiting for my Jedi, Who is trying to Sway Me Out of my Dark Side. Light Side Healthy Happy Helpful Hints.


a Bunch of Sentient Beings on a Bus, rush hour. Souls having Bodily Experiences, whether they believe THAT or NOT. In any event, I KNOW these BASTARDS are ALIVE, and OUR FORTUNES ARE TIED TO THE ONE BEHIND THE STEERING WHEEL. (god help us all)