Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

Buddha Chat Support

a Granola Bar Rolling Down the Street on a Mountain Bike. Waiting for my Jedi, Who is trying to Sway Me Out of my Dark Side. Light Side Healthy Happy Helpful Hints.


a Bunch of Sentient Beings on a Bus, rush hour. Souls having Bodily Experiences, whether they believe THAT or NOT. In any event, I KNOW these BASTARDS are ALIVE, and OUR FORTUNES ARE TIED TO THE ONE BEHIND THE STEERING WHEEL. (god help us all)


The Bank Manager’s Pupils were WHITE! I swore it was like looking into the eyes of someone was STARING at the FACE of GOD. Only later did I realize, it was just the reflection of her computer monitor.

(please) NOTICE.

No Parking No Smoking No Left Hand Turn No Loitering No Panhandling No Exit No Eating or Drinking- on the bus No Waiting? No Shirt No Shoes No Service No Litterin’ No Refills Within 15 minutes of leaving my home, I have been bombarded with all of these prohibitions. Sometimes, I wish that I could see signs telling me WHAT I CAN DO, SOME SORT OF AFFIRMATION, NO KIDDING. (post script) I heard a Mother say to her 4 year old child, []