Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

In Your Eyes.

I didn’t love you. I blew my mind over it. I am not to contact you. Not another boy loves girl song. Yeah, a tear on your pocketbook, too. Striving to just want happiness for you without me. Grooves in my mind are yours. I didn’t want a family. No kids. And I am no longer a babe. Bodies rot. The shell disintegrates like watching a tire grind down to a skid mark on the road. The acrid scent. Deep down I []

Not Again.

War. Roaring 20’s War. Poverty 30’s War. Psychedelic 60’s War. More, 80’s Image Music Revolutions? Dead. 90’s Millennials War 15 years Poverty. We are so tired. Not Again! PLEASE!

Chet’s Dilema

I saw a documentary about a God Fearing Husband, for no apparent reason,slaughtered his entire family, blew up the house, and then completely disappeared off the face of the planet. I surmise that the fellow, who we shall call ‘Chet’, was in all manners, a vampire. I hope to explore my hypothesis thru interviews with the Vampire’s Sister, Friends, and a Study of his psychological makeup both hereditary and environmental. You must understand first of all that Chet had a Malignant Narcissist Personalty. He could only see []

I Demand Answers!!

I have a really important questions, that I must have answers too. Can Male Vampires impregnate mortal women? Or can Female Vampires get impregnated by a Mortal Man? Can Male and Female Vampires procreate? What about the afterbirth? Are Vampires protected under the Law? If so, which Laws? I swear on my baby bib, that, I saw a documentary where this God Fearing Husband, for no apparent reason at all, SLAUGHTERED HIS ENTIRE FAMILY then blew up the house and tore off []

“Read as a Voyeur”

These thoughts of Betrayal were a Lie. I was abusive. The trust, the thought that a woman was to stay with me as a Soul Mate and take my SHIT. Of course, she left. I disintegrate. Vow to love. Vow to be a better lover. Grabbing the first Woman I could. Training her to be a Musician. Molding her Mind. Charming her. Housing her. Knowing, I would not trust. Secretly I believed Never Again would I trust a Woman: Financially, Emotionally, Sexually. []

War Buddies.

Kindred spirit. I feel like he and I are working against the clock making up for lost time. 30 years later, nothing spoken prior. We talk: have more in common, shared experiences, came to the same conclusions, dark experiences laced with darker humor, shared ideas on what it is to be reality (?) understand that we are conduits, knowing sound frequencies are conjoined with life married to death and beyond. Said all this to her, She answered, “Is Time Ever Really Lost?” []


Right now I am having some difficulties with getting my new video to play. It is making me want to pull what little hair I have left on my head COMPLETELY OUT! That would at least solve the bad hair days into years problem. Ah but I digressed. I have a really cool new video that I have worked all day on.. so a few of you might have noticed the problem. It could be that , some sort of power that []

16 Tons live, (cover)

Hey, I want to give background on the song before you listen. I was walking up a steep hill yesterday, feeling bad about my music. Sighing to myself, “another day older..” Then boom, the lyric came to me. “and deeper in debt.” The tune was one I heard a lot growing up. Just as frequently as Row, Row, Row Your Boat. It is about working in a coal mine. I feel justified in singing it. My great grandfather, in probably around the []