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criteria anyone?

what I write when Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?”

So, I rarely travel out of my neighborhood, in this age of covid, I find it easier to make maybe 3 trips a month, where I will be around groups of humans. So… today I had to mail in my ballot, grab a few household goods at Kroger. Since maybe mid June of this year, I have been dressing more androgynously. I am beginning to realize a synthesis of parts of myself that are masculine and those which are feminine. Some of []

stray ideas, on OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE

Well, while we are banning words which are considered offensive speech, let’s consider excluding the term, ‘BANANAS’, from common usage, slang. A banana refers to a food one eats, but also can be construed as a phallic symbol, a ‘dick’ or a ‘penis.’ “He eats bananas.” Also it’s used to describe someone who is insane, crazy (like myself).  “That dude is, BANANAS!” Imagine that I am at the local grocery purchasing Crisco, and the clerk takes his morning break, saying,”I am going []

Part Three, Recoil in Horror (nose pickin’) creative writing

                                                                                the Mentalities of Disinherited Workin’ Folks Right off the bat, I am going to knock off the notions of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism because I am thinking in terms of the United States. My silly theory as to why these ‘isms’ never []

What Could Be a Preface…

I’m trying to understand the world into which I was born. To see how global society functions. It’s tough enough for me to just be a human. I try on a daily basis to live up to virtues expressed in LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, AND HOPE which I will never attain perfection in achieving. All I can do, is try within the best of my abilities in striving towards those ideals and fall short, but maybe behave a little better in trying. It’s []

Part Two, Recoil in Horror (yeah i’m an idiot)…. creative writing

First Subject, the Questionable Morality of Nations I have found as far as the political climate, that human beings are flawed, have a conscience, instincts, emotions have a better shot of acting morally or ethically THAN DOES a Nation which is an abstract idea, that has almost no shot at ethics, does not have a mind or conscience, and that if it has organs, those would be the Military, Police, Economic Engines, and Control of the Media Propaganda Machines which are tools. []

and the Audience Recoils in Horror.. (creative writing)

Even the best follower of reason will, at times, act irrationally, perhaps due to the person’s base impulses, drives, instincts, emotions.. for example those being sexual in nature. An individual has a conscience and ego, I assume, yearns for his life not to be finite, wants to be remembered for his greatness achievements for all time, BUT KNOWS that death is certain, therefore clings to the notion of an Eternal Soul. A Conscience, a notion of what is right and wrong, can []


  so.. I am a Soul in a Body. Sometimes I am not aware or plain forget that I am a spirit. I get ‘CAUGHT UP’ in the pain in my back, my tiredness, my emotions, BEING PHYSICAL… BUT.. I seem so small in the face of the universe, just a microcosm seeming so unimportant THO.. Could I be a ‘Mirror Of?’ a Reflection of the Entire of Physical Universe? ANYWAY, a Microcosm Implies a Macrocosm, Part of a Larger Piece. The []