Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

‘Drifting by Moonlight’

Even a wooden ship, trapped in an Arctic ice sheet, still slowly floats to an unknown destination. BUT, time spent in this creeping drift gives the Captain an opportunity to plot his location AND THAT is something to stay POSITIVE. Even when the craft cracks and leaks gives us all (our crew) the FOCUS to plug the holes from ice water. BETTER THAN BOREDOM, INDEED! All this is the likeness of humanity’s current situation. We will live to struggle -staying busy in []


The virus has not damaged humanity to an extreme. At least, we are not gnawing on each other’s flesh and bone marrow for nutrients. We are not so hungry as to eat each other, (YET!)


Nine years ago, a group of Civic-Minded Extra-Terrestrials warned me of the upcoming Pandemic. Since that time, I have prepared for the inevitable. Knowing that the Virus would drive some folks to Madness- like my Neighbor Woman who crossed that precipice and began barking like a dog or something more akin to a jackal- I began the endeavor of CREATING MY BOMB SHELTER, for quarantine. Every night under the cover of darkness, WITH MY TRUSTY SPOON, I dug the Earth, ONE SMALL []