Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

“the Chosen Lucky Ones”

What in this Tipsy Topsy World? What if they got the RAPTURE, BACKWARDS? and 144,000 of the World’s Most EVIL World Leaders, WarMongers, Preachers, + GREEDY OLIGARCHS JUST DISAPPEARED? AND WENT BACK TO HELL FOR ETERNITY, WHERE THEY BELONG, Just Left Us, PEACEFULLY, ALONE. YES! Indeed… 144,000 of the Chosen Lucky Ones.

the Gentle Ginger Beard Cowardly Lion

He was a nut screwed on way too tight. Always unsettling to sit across his kitchen table from him. An outward air of normality of the fitting in with a crowd variety. I imagine the team of Psychiatrists, on a jazzed out all night coffee binge, with shaking (no, scratch that) TREMBLING hands, meticulously piecing together his fragile humpty dumpty egg shell mind with dime store purchased superglue. The last shards, remnants of his sanity, gone, though his outward countenance pass as []

“the Stray Bullet Blues” (prose)

Our Higher Education, served up as a commodity to student consumers, feeding the beast with time money and toil, the Provost CEO. Be certain not to speak truth to their power, do not Unionize, for you SHALL GET BUSTED. Quell the revolution, not stir it, is the rule of the Academy. “We are all just peasants as far as John could see.” Corporate University. Beware the State is always on the Hunt. The system is the problem, not that we cannot participate []

Sick Puppy (fuppy)

I can’t see the picture because I am the frame. My hostage negotiation with God went down like this, “Do what I SAY, or you will MEET the PERSON, you MADE!!” God replied, “If you have a Thought, Since it’s Coming from You, IT’S WRONG! so… Call me in the Morning… EVERY MORNING.” so.. I did.