Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?


Nine years ago, a group of Civic-Minded Extra-Terrestrials warned me of the upcoming Pandemic. Since that time, I have prepared for the inevitable. Knowing that the Virus would drive some folks to Madness- like my Neighbor Woman who crossed that precipice and began barking like a dog or something more akin to a jackal- I began the endeavor of CREATING MY BOMB SHELTER, for quarantine. Every night under the cover of darkness, WITH MY TRUSTY SPOON, I dug the Earth, ONE SMALL []

What Could Have Been?

What could have been? On the road, town to town, some strange rv.. Dunkin’ Donuts, Chain Smokin’, Coffee Free Refills. 5th Act Re-Write. Pine Cone Tree Smell in the Car, freezing cold.. John Lennon Glasses, a Wry Smile, Another Nail in the Coffin. Man, I gotta get out of this nowhere town… MAN. The river stinks. The mill pumps wood pulp into it. Misfits with New Monikers. You just wanted to be loved. I used to fill the void. Just what coulda []