Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

my way of coping

I have a tear coming to my eyes,because it is poignant and true to methat this Paper on which I write, is going to burn up withthe mass of humanity that is fast approaching,it’s final extinction with the entire globe.I always prepare for the deaths of my family and friends,beforehand-if I am lucky enough to see it on the horizon-in a song or poem, during a long walk at night, I sob, alone.It is my way of coping. It is acceptance.I have []


Narcissus was confused. Staring at his reflection, in perpetuity, all he saw was hideous condemnations, total imperfection, and the rigor mortis of his character. Deluded, of course, his fascinating hatred was thorough to his core and complete, eternally.

Walking Uphill Thru Quicksand

Surviving 25 years of constant delusions where my mind kept trying to murder me but realized that it needed my body as it’s vehicle. My Problems weren’t attempting to kill me, though my Solutions WERE, and that, my friends, is a SILLY DILEMMA. I swear, sometimes it seems I am almost content with ditching forming any human relationships, friendships or intimate (which I have a dismal track record.) Selfish, tired, and lazy interactions feel like too much bother. Anyway, no matter how []