Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

Is It Our Nature?

Humanity is Barbaric. Our Species Doesn’t Dominate the Rest by Accident, by Being Nice. Our Baseline Is Being Monstrous. To say, ‘Oh, the Humanity’ Assumes Being Compassionate, Which We ARE NOT. Conversely We are Rooted in Slaughter, Mayhem, and Chaos. a Low Bar is Set. Peace is the Exception, Not the Rule.

Art is a Vampire

I create many pieces of Art that by sheer enormity become a Dragon leashed to me to which my Identity is Confused. My self worth can seem equivalent to it’s quality. If It is bad, I am bad, If It is good, then I am good. I Hoard It, I Protect It. I am Lord Creator, Protector, and Guardian of this Beast. Is an Artist a Myth? Is an Artist the Original False Prophet? Purveyor of Culture defined as: a :  the []


1908. Atonal. Sinister. Wallow. Ornamental versus Plain. Harmony, Gold. Sharp Lines Like Razor Blade Incisions. Freud Frightened Of His Sister Castrating His Mother’s Horse, Because It Turns Him On and Creates an Urge to Shag His Father’s Eye Socket Which is Covered By a Black Patch. In Turn, His Nephew Transforms Propaganda Into Goebbels’s Public Relations MasterPiece. The Masses Must Be Controlled as a Result of His Uncle’s Psychic Cocaine-Addled Perversions. Flooding Thru Modes Fifty Thousand Prostitutes Form the Foundation For the Phallic Middle Class. Rising. []