Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

Fallen Bookend

There is no mystical past to long and for which to venerate. We were not, in all humility the best or the worst, still sickens my stomach. There is no future, never was… I am going to hunker down, in this gleeful poverty, in my well-known backwoods. Hide from the high contrast mid-day light, as the planet spins plus rotates around our Sun. Maybe I am the UNSTABLE ELEMENT in an energetic Nuclear Fusion ( or is it fission?), no matter: WE []

Dear FuckIt,

dear FuckIt, When you watch porn and shove a baseball bat up your rectum (wreck-tum?), would you consider not blasting the volume up to 100? Maybe close the blinds? You must understand that I have no problem with it- it’s NOT DIRTY UNLESS YOU FORGET TO TAKE A BATH AFTERWARDS. SINcerly, Your neighbors

Dear Psychobot,

Dear, Psychobot, Jesus is my punching bag. I’m stripping’. LOOKIT at my small wee wee and sagging ass. Oh yes! The stench and backlash. Okay? What am I not to do on social media, the things that will terribly embarrass and horrify my small remaining group of family and friends? Pornographic Art? Yeah, did that already. Sighs, oh well… Ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet… Any advice might help, Sincerely disturbed and yours for an eternity in layers of Dante’s Inferno, an anonymous []

“the Chosen Lucky Ones”

What in this Tipsy Topsy World? What if they got the RAPTURE, BACKWARDS? and 144,000 of the World’s Most EVIL World Leaders, WarMongers, Preachers, + GREEDY OLIGARCHS JUST DISAPPEARED? AND WENT BACK TO HELL FOR ETERNITY, WHERE THEY BELONG, Just Left Us, PEACEFULLY, ALONE. YES! Indeed… 144,000 of the Chosen Lucky Ones.