Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

(snare thump, cymbal crash)

a Tree has an Inner Sap, that all it’s branches and leaves can feel. Is Consciousness in Our Physical Bodies, the same and as organic vibrating thru us like tree sap? If that is True, then YES, I AM JUST A SAP! 🙂

in Nostalgia

We were so young and beautiful. Baby fat, outward shine to my skin. Belies my suicidal sadness and madness. Inexperienced. Sang of being old, passage of time, Imagining it quick. A rocking chair at age of 27, Looking into a mirror, age 16, Infinity seemed possible, though melancholic. Some of my best mates dead, Victims of broken hearts, Inebriation. I’m sad looking back in dust, Looking at the Earth perversely feeding upon itself to sustain the mass of plebeians. All physical knowledge, []


Flipping Thru Your Photographs of faraway lands, the coasts in hot sunrise, the rocks in high contrast, the subways of three different cities,the Hotels Rooms like the old Chelsea, the King’s Chambers, Remnants of the Berlin Wall, the war memorials, graveyards with wreaths, and Human Skulls wrapped in currencies. All of Which You Would Never Have Seen if You Hadn’t Come to that HARD CHOICE to walk away from your old creative life, roll the dice, and start with that entry level []

Don’t Worry About ME.

Don’t Worry About ME. I’m just Another Knocked Over Bowling Pin. I’ve never met the ‘Elites’ … Perhaps the Government will Issue State Sponsored Cyanide Tablets to All the ‘Good’ Americans. I said, “NOW, I AM the JACK OUT of the Moldy BOX!” As I was Floating Down the Main Stream.