Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

What Could Have Been?

What could have been? On the road, town to town, some strange rv.. Dunkin’ Donuts, Chain Smokin’, Coffee Free Refills. 5th Act Re-Write. Pine Cone Tree Smell in the Car, freezing cold.. John Lennon Glasses, a Wry Smile, Another Nail in the Coffin. Man, I gotta get out of this nowhere town… MAN. The river stinks. The mill pumps wood pulp into it. Misfits with New Monikers. You just wanted to be loved. I used to fill the void. Just what coulda []

I Told You so….

the Corpse of Burroughs and those Other Living Parasitic Ghouls Hung Around His Dirty Shirt Collar like a NUMBING HANGOVER. He Tried and Couldn’t Mouthwash Their Dirty Taste Out of His Mouth with AMMONIA and BLEACH. WHATDAYA THINK THEY WERE GONNA DO? As an Epitaph, APOLOGIZE for THEIR DEATH TRIPS? I Told You so….


By the edge of a ditch named Bedlam In the river of forgetfulness lives the Eternal Outsider -kin to the invisible- Deformed and Mocked. A woman’s spirit trapped in a male body, not to be seen on any day of rest, a taboo. Unwilling to trust, Screaming to the Sky in Violence that She Scorned the Only Person Who Ever Truly Cared, Accepted, and Loved Her Unconditionally. That Royal Man Went Mad in Rejection. She became a Siren who lures abusive men []

(snare thump, cymbal crash)

a Tree has an Inner Sap, that all it’s branches and leaves can feel. Is Consciousness in Our Physical Bodies, the same and as organic vibrating thru us like tree sap? If that is True, then YES, I AM JUST A SAP! 🙂