stray ideas, on OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE

Well, while we are banning words which are considered offensive speech, let’s consider excluding the term, ‘BANANAS’, from common usage, slang.

A banana refers to a food one eats, but also can be construed as a phallic symbol, a ‘dick’ or a ‘penis.’ “He eats bananas.” Also it’s used to describe someone who is insane, crazy (like myself).  “That dude is, BANANAS!” Imagine that I am at the local grocery purchasing Crisco, and the clerk takes his morning break, saying,”I am going to get BANANAS.” Looking at me, but speaking to his replacement who replies,”He doesn’t eat bananas.” And I think to myself, ” I am crazy, tho I do not prefer keeping them at my home for consumption because they go bad so quickly. I am ambiguously gay, therefore fellatio is a matter up to conjecture. I do keep ONE NUT in my house, being ME.” The subject of THAT FOOD is another argument altogether. I will admit that I have two nuts between my legs, so the total number of nuts at my residence amounts to THREE, …sorry I digressed…. In summary the term, “BANANAS”, should be banned, as it connotates mental illness, and also could be deemed derogatory to the LGBTQ community.

(all sarcasm intended, your welcome)

Categories: Manic Beatnik Riffing

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