Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

Society (cover)

Society. I changed a few of the lines in the song to personalize it to my experience. Insanity is a sane reaction to a crazy world. I urge all people to not stigmatize a brain illness. Just because mental illnesses are not visible to the naked eye does not mean that it is non-existent. I guess to contrast my point, are people with diabetes marginalized because of weak moral fiber and will-power? I think the original intent of the tune was to []

Catch Fire

Catch Fire (instrumental) The Ancient forest reached her limit. Desirous of arson, Flames as high as a kaleidoscope colored tsunami. Hearing An ember symphony of twigs Popping and crackling As She is consumed And Comes to an end.

a Kettle

A kettle of boiling water, Howling, screeching. How does the liquid feel about evaporating In the Frigid, winter air? My candle melts, growing older, dimming. It is change. Moment to moment moving shadows of steam. I smile. A last note humming and gurgling, “silly man.”

a Fresh Box (original music)

a Fresh Box. (lyrics) Put Me in a Box Freshen me up For Re-Sale. Package the Salt that Stings the Sores of Your Past. Send it C.O.D! I’ll bury it deep because I’m the Best. I’m the Worst Joke You’ll ever Read in a Box that is Fresh Enough to be Re-Told. I’m M.I.A Dead on Arrival. I’m the Best. I’m the Worst Guy You’ll Ever Meet. Package the Salt that Stings the Sores of Your Past. I’m the Best I’m the []

Don’t Let Me Down (cover)

Don’t Let Me Down! Sitting around in mind-numbing boredom, doing covers. When the going gets weird, the weird go pro and teach your kids in college at exorbitant prices. Sour spiritual food for thought. Be sure to count the calories. Type them into the phone. And Siri screams, “Goddamnit QUIT TOUCHING ME!!” Yeah, she told me she has a headache. Can’t get no respect, but more than Rodney Dangerfield.

Alright..I just listened to my music from June 20th 2015 to the present day, Dec 19th 2015. In that time I did 146 cover songs, which were multi-track recordings. Also I wrote 53 original songs also multi-tracked. The time it took to do that was back to back songs, probably over 12 hours of continuous music. I critiqued my work. Writing down the song titles, giving them a star or happy face. Sometimes beside the name of the piece I would write []

I am No Angel.

I constructed, shape formed, invented, contrived, prepared, originated- from various sources- made up my mind reaching the conclusion, a judgement with determination and a firmness of mind arrived at a choice to form like the rotation of the globe, ponder, and bring to the surface a CHANGING OF MY INTENTIONS, FEELINGS, AND ATTITUDES reaching an impasse only to rebound, changing a trend in my life to convert my nature with a specified result of changing my course in the opposite direction and []

Staring at the Sun (u2 cover)

Staring at the Sun. I want to take a minute and make a comment that bares little relation to the cover song. I am heartened and amazed by the creative bunch of Poets, Musicians, Painters, Photographers, and all around Artists that I get to discover every single day here on WordPress. It is as if I am glancing into the souls of strangers. Sometimes I imagine everyone in the whole world have a psyche that screams out. I would never know it. []

a little catching up to do

I wanted to drop everybody a note to explain where I have been and what has been going on.. I have been very busy with music, a lot of it practice. Drilling major keys in the circle of fifths for the fluent in music of you out there. Been practicing hours and hours a day, doing this on Bass, which is a relatively new instrument of mine. I am trying to get a good idea where the notes are, being that it []