Part Two, Recoil in Horror (yeah i’m an idiot)…. creative writing

First Subject, the Questionable Morality of Nations
I have found as far as the political climate, that human beings are flawed, have a conscience, instincts, emotions have a better shot of acting morally or ethically THAN DOES a Nation which is an abstract idea, that has almost no shot at ethics, does not have a mind or conscience, and that if it has organs, those would be the Military, Police, Economic Engines, and Control of the Media Propaganda Machines which are tools. Therefore to watch the news or politics.. None of the recent events surprise me. “Oh, a Human fucked up, what a surprise? Oh a politician acts in hypocrisy, what a frickin’ surprise! (sarcastically sayin’ THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.) With knowing the nature of human beings being flawed with a chance at morality, and Nations act psychopathically in their own interests, NONE OF OUR CLIMATE BUGS MY EMOTIONAL/MENTAL or Spiritual States.
Bear with me as I might repeat myself. A nation unlike a human, has no mind, acts on it’s own self interests against other nations, has no feeling of sympathy. I said in the last little segment that I wasn’t sure if altruism exists, but folks that I may think are capable of it are soldiers. They act altruistically by destroying, giving their lives up, dying for the Nation, acting purely, for a Nation’s Immoral Ends. I do not understand the meaning of irony, but that could be it.
War has happened for time eternal. It has happened before Capitalism, Communism, the Invention of Democracy, and will continue occurring long after these ‘ ism’s ‘ cease to exist. Nations are imbecilic and unethical in action.
These Nation Abstractions have no Moral Conscience and can act with Psychopathic Barbarism, unchecked, because it is not a human being. As for me, I get a HARD ON whenever the Speaker of the House says the Pious Word, “Pre-si-dent!”
It seems as if a Country’s strongest moral characteristic is Hypocrisy laced with Self-Righteousness. An endless cycle of Nations’ taking revenge on others ‘to set right a wrong, which creates more wrongs, more conflicts to set right those wrongs.. which creates more wrongs, you see where I’m going with this.. endless cycle in history, ad infinitum..
Patriotism unifies it’s People. Some individuals live vicariously thru the actions of their Country, being what they cannot be in their personal existence imbued with some sense of worth, moral high ground. They listen to speeches that preach a Moral Certitude of Bringing Peace in Our Time, into a New World Order, Making the World Safe for Democracy, Bringing Freedom to Subjugated People’s with Self-Governance. All of this to me sounds like a Phony Declaration. People wanna believe that their Country- with all the flags and banners of a college football team- fights fair, are the ‘good guys’, helps their ‘less fortunate fellows.’ All this binds the individual to the State with Fervor. I am trying to understand all that, but Patriotism is Not My Religion and I tend to cheer for the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team, GO BUCKS!
Second Subject, the Questionable Morality of ViewPoints Expressed in Privileged Classes
So I had to break down Class Structure in Capitalism. I see Land Owners, then Owners of the Means of Technological and Industrial Production, and then there are Worker Plebes (regular folks). Excuse me because I am not well versed in the Communist Class Structure, so I won’t see much except it looks lke the Industrial Capital is distributed by the State…
Privileged and Unprivileged Classes look like they are eaten up by Selfishness or Self-Deception, and Hypocrisy. Certain Members of Unprivileged have, in motive, cannot see or empathize with the other ‘side’ which leads to their demise. I do not mean to paint all this with some sort of broad brush, I am trying to figure this out, and I’m sure there are a lot variances within these classes.

It is easier to see attitudes in the Privileged Classes. The Wealth of Privilege, as in Trickle Down Laisse Faire Economics, is justified by rationalizing that their good prosperity will trickle down to the less fortunate. It is Self Deception.
Breaking Down the Hypocrisy of the Wealthy. 1. Thinking that THEIR MONEY WAS AQUIRED OF EQUAL VALUE TO the SOCIAL REWARD the products which are created by their capital ARE TO THE MASSES. Their Wealth= Products that Create a Social Justice Reward. The balance created by that thought is a fabrication. 2, Thinking that the underclasses would do the same as them if given the same opportunity, that the workers are too stupid do the same, ignoring that CASH provides for a HIGHER EDUCATION.
The Privileged have Sons who inherit their Wealth, and Act in Incompetence and Knavery. Their kids could be straight up dumb but with Money and no moral scruples, whatsoever. Justifying themselves that they are born of some higher breed and position than their poorer counterparts. Bozos…
personal note: (CHA-CHING. I wasted away my education and money which I inherited by being a knave and OWNING that IDIOCY, DESPITE being MENTALLY ILL, IS PARAMOUNT TO ME.) (still tho, our family were ‘relative’ plebes..)
I’m going to cite areas of HYPOCRISY in the Privileged. Southern Whites justified their Slavery by saying that Blacks were too stupid to benefit from education, HATED those Blacks who WERE LITERATE, and patted on the back those considered to be Happy Docile Negroes. African Americans weren’t given an opportunity for equal universal education. People with more Privileges feel so strongly justified to deny others the same benefits they possess WITHOUT PROOF of WHY THIS IS SO. The subjugated class is denounced as DEFECTIVE and ‘not worthy.’ Universal Educations were ‘handed down’ to lower classes and often used as a propaganda tool. The dominant class ‘gives’ Universal Education, something NO ONE OWNS, to the subjugated. DOMINANT CLASSES DO NOT WANT TO LET GO OF THE POWER THEY HAVE CREATED, SO THEY WILL NOT LOSE THE WEALTH THEY HOARD AND MISER. Some power which is denied to others, is the Right to Vote, Voter Suppression, the Specters of Jim Crow, even Women for a really long time were considered UNFIT, SO WERE DENIED THE VOTE. Middle Classes can exalt superiority that they have levels of diligence in work and virtue that those ‘below them’ do not possess. Untrue. Sometimes the privileged use their generosity to others to instill jealousy, exalt their sense of self and wealth. Philanthropy for Pity and Power they want to Maintain, RATHER THAN GIVING EQUAL SOCIAL JUSTICE. This is shitty.
Here’s some fun, WHEN REVOLUTIONARIES BECOME AN AGENT OF THE STATE.. like the Marxist who Became THE MAN. The Union Coal Mining Man who becomes the Coal Mine’s Company Man Mine Boss, that violently breaks thru the picket lines with his Scabs who get ordered to machine gun the homes of Strikers, in the middle of the night. Those who had no Power, and finally GET IT, want to CLUTCH THAT POWER CLOSE TO THEIR HEARTS, WILL EXACT VENGEANCE UPON THOSE WHO WILL ‘TAKE IT.’ This happens over and over. An underprivileged person gets some power and HE DOES TO OTHERS WHAT WAS DONE TO HIMSELF. (damn, in perpetuity, propagation of hate and unforgiveness, not love, not forgiveness, not compassion, and I’m not saying it’s easy to turn the other cheek when that cheek is bloodied and bruised and torn.)
Privileged people inherit their privileges without justification of their ‘worthiness’ to wield them. Once again, the Privileged will use the courts they appoint themselves to, police to coerce-sometimes with violence- and economic means to protect their power and status, which they ‘think they rightly have due to their virtues, diligence, and intelligence which are unfounded and might have no basis in reality.
the Privileged want LAW AND ORDER! WE CANNOT HAVE ANARCHY. Personally, I’d rather not have a piece of the pie, I’d rather be a good plebe, happy with my crumbs that I receive from the State that knocked over my bowling pin with ease, and with gratitude from me to the Judge who made it final, so I can play with my time, creating inane, absurd, useless worthless works of art, THANK YOU, YOUR WELCOME. Yeah, sarcastic smile, the Courts are Fair and Impartial. GUH-HAWFFPH buh-wah-hahahhaha…
Bringing this down to a human level, the everyday guy on the street… People are TERRIFIED when they HEAR the terms, words used, that they could be KILLED, CHILDREN ORPHANED, BECOME HOMELESS AND JOBLESS, that FOLKS ARE OUT WITH PITCHFORKS. Can ya blame em? However it goes to show humans have flaws. God Bless Us All, We can’t help it. We were born into this SCREWED, DOOMED, NIGHTMARE, but I can say, “I like all da pretty colors!”
Ruling Classes manipulate the governments of nations, to maintain status, using violence when necessary, to keep ‘the peace’ the ‘MONEY’, instead of giving equality in full to the disaffected. The Arrogance of Privileged to want ‘Peace at Home’ and Psychopathic Terror Abroad, in the guise of providing some sort of ‘New World Order’ and making everywhere ‘Safe for Democracy’. Using War, and the resulting feverish Patriotism it engenders TO CONFUSE THE POPULACE FROM THEIR TRUE MONIED INTERESTS with the BLOOD of a Working Boy Giving His LIFE AS A SOLDIER, ALTRUISTICALLY, Dying for a Nation and the Cash of the Privileged Ruling Him by the State which they Control.
I’m not taking sides here, not for or against anyone or anybody. I’M NOT SURE IF I REALLY EVEN CARE. I’m just trying to figure all this out. We are all human.. We are flawed, have a chance of acting like good people, but Nations and Classes look like they have NO SHOT at DECENCY, OF BEING DECENT. We are born into this fucked up mess. Maybe ‘WE WILL GO ALL TOGETHER WHEN WE GO’ in a BRIGHT, NANOSECOND NUCLEAR MUSHROOM CLOUD.. maybe that would be PREFERABLE to SLOGGING THIS OUT. The same mistakes repeated, generation after generation for a few THOUSAND MORE YEARS… and that’s all ted wrote, love and hug’s y’all!!! what do i know? (yeah, i’m just an idiot) .. smiley face…

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