Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?


Gremlins. Taking my hate out on an unsuspecting stranger. Unaware that this isn’t my circus, I don’t own the monkeys. Otherwise absorbing that Flash of Rage into oneself like an Osmosis Pity Sponge. StoveTop Anger Stuffing. The people from the past no longer exist- they grew up. So what am I holding onto? in a heavy back pack? Cry Bitter Indignation. Life does not discriminate, Everybody gets thrown overboard. Gremlins.

Gray, Ashen.

Delirium and an Unattended Headstone. Absolute refusal of facts. Widow left in reminder of a fairytale ended abruptly -Beautiful Children. Stoic Laser Focus. Cry and Proceed. What Else can One Do? Speak Nothing of It, Sears with Too Much Pain, Fresh Wounds, Infinitely Fresh. I swear, “He turned Gray, Ashen.” In that chair, in the back of the parlor, those steel eyes, vacant. Winnings and perfections are rare. Far more Losers than the Victor. No one loves you when you are down []

let’s PROCEED!!!

Humanity does not learn from it’s history and seems doomed to repeat it. The repetition is a matter of awareness and the limitations of time. In a generation’s lifespan, the members may grow wise, yet before the knowledge can be shared to the young, the old face their demise, death. The younger generation are still learning, growing, developing -Emotionally Mentally Physically Spiritually. Learning from their mistakes until becoming Elderly also.. They too will pass, seemingly tragically too soon.. Clean rinse repeat, clean []