and the Audience Recoils in Horror.. (creative writing)

Even the best follower of reason will, at times, act irrationally, perhaps due to the person’s base impulses, drives, instincts, emotions.. for example those being sexual in nature. An individual has a conscience and ego, I assume, yearns for his life not to be finite, wants to be remembered for his greatness achievements for all time, BUT KNOWS that death is certain, therefore clings to the notion of an Eternal Soul. A Conscience, a notion of what is right and wrong, can be reinforced in society by Public Shaming, EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED.

the Idea of Majority Rules can create injustice to those who do not rule..seems to always happen, creating an Underclass that may Rebel, or just ‘done blowed up!’ I don’t have the answers, but a society with an educated, rational people guided by a sense of morality might have a miniscule chance of survival.. perhaps guided by a balanced approach combining Love Hope Faith with Reason.

Humans are flawed and selfish. Even those who strive towards elimination of self-centeredness become so obsessed with the notion, perpetuate it, and become PERVERSELY SELF-ABSORBED. “whatchagonna do? IMA HUMAN.” People who have compassion and empathy towards others, at some point, will hit their limit, hit their wall, and act in their own interests, MY OWN HAPPINESS/NEEDS SUPERCEDES YOURS. I was asked in a Sociology course by my teacher who was a WW2 Veteran, in relation to Altruism, IF the Nazis had me and my sister at gunpoint, and I was given the choice to either take the bullet and die to let my sister live, or if I would choose to live and watch her get shot to death, WHAT WOULD I CHOSE? Keep in mind I was a suicidal kid at the time the question was posed. My response was I WOULD TAKE THE BULLET AND DIE. The point of the query was to dispel the notion of pure altruism, that humans who are relatively sane, unlike me, have an INSTINCT to SURVIVE, and most would chose to live despite familial relation. WE ARE BEASTS LIKE THAT…

There exists an idea of a Perfect Moral God with All Virtue as a Personification of the Ideal Man that helps to Reinforce how a person should act Ethically (it’s a good tool, so I can be a good boy.)

Justice and Love for Everybody. The day will come when the Lion can Lay Down with the Lamb in Peace and Tranquilty! … and NOT TEAR IT UP TO BLOODY BITS, MAUL THE LIFE OUT OF IT AS HE DROOLS IN MURDEROUS DELIGHT, FOR LUNCH! so.. I’m thinkin’ the idea of idea of the lion and lamb hangin’ out on a blanket in the shade together drinkin’ sugary tea singin’ love songs to each other, is AGAINST NATURE, the natural order of things.. ANYWAYS, LIONS GOTTSTA EAT!

Religion can be described as a Message of Universal Brotherly love and best speaks to the Individual for betterment, but has yet to result in Justice for a Global Society. When Religion is used as a TOOL/WEAPON of the State, Political, Economic or Class Powers EVIL SHIT HAPPENS.

a Social/Political Movement, be it in the Majority or Minority, even acting in their best sense of Love and Justice will inevitably act toward their own SELFISH INTERESTS, once again creating more inequality to those they subjagate. Like sayin’,”I do not mind if we live in Fascist State, as long as it’s MY CAMP’S FASCIST STATE.” and I scream BOO, BOO!!

All this makes me inclined to shrink away from the World and Humanity so I can tend to myself, cuz it’s like singin to a one day old baby, “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, BABY! YOUR GONNA DIE!”

and Moses came down from the Mountain Top and declared, “YOU FUCKERS ARE DOOMED, so CONCERN YOURSELF WITH THE AFTERLIFE. YOU ARE FUCKED ON THIS PLANET, amen..”

People who benefit from Social Injustice are less likely to Admit, See, Cognize, and Understand the Feelings of those who suffer that Abuse and THAT MAKES THE SUFFERERS REALLY REALLY PISSED OFF. Especially when the Exploiters do this while saying, “I Love You, God Bless.” An example is when United States President Lyndon Baines Johnson secured the right to vote for African-Americans in the 1960’s and was incredulous when the population was still protesting, and demonstrating. He couldn’t even see that these people had been enslaved for hundreds of years, and set free, only to be ripped off by Jim Crow, Murders, other atrocities and some were just a frickin’ WEE BIT PISSED AFTER ALL THAT. I can imagine LBJ sayin in a long Texas Drawl, ” I gave em the right to vote, why they so mad? Why aren’t they bowing in Grateful Humility to MASSA (master) LBJ? For what I done for em? ..well I better go play with my tallywacker..” and the Audience Recoils in Horror…

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