In Your Eyes.

I didn’t love you. I blew my mind over it. I am not to contact you. Not another boy loves girl song. Yeah, a tear on your pocketbook, too. Striving to just want happiness for you without me. Grooves in my mind are yours. I didn’t want a family. No kids. And I am no longer a babe. Bodies rot. The shell disintegrates like watching a tire grind down to a skid mark on the road. The acrid scent. Deep down I []

Not Again.

War. Roaring 20’s War. Poverty 30’s War. Psychedelic 60’s War. More, 80’s Image Music Revolutions? Dead. 90’s Millennials War 15 years Poverty. We are so tired. Not Again! PLEASE!


LIKE A VIRGIN. If you do not know who originally wrote and performed this tune, then possibly you cannot be saved, you will come back in the next life only to relive the 1980’s.