Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

the Amour I Seek

The Idea, Realization, that the Love of Mind, Emotion and Spirit can be Conveyed in Writing, Music, and Art can be Found, that this Love does not need to have even the Physical Presence of the Two “Soul Mates”, a Feeling can Exist where One is able to Complete Another’s Thoughts NEED NO CORPOREAL EMBODIMENT, can Live for Decades, a Lifetime, Yet the Individuals may only Meet in the Flesh a Mere Dozen Times, avoiding the Drudgery of Day to Day Domestication- []

Sad Commentary

I resolved to visit my Psychiatrist. I was terribly afraid that if I did not see him, that he was going to kill himself, (trouble with billing and the guv’ment.) Along the way, I realized that even though I can Walk on Water, it would be far quicker to take an Airplane to cross the Atlantic. Humming to myself, ” Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, I don’t even believe it’s true.” All I can say is that I was late for []

to Deify, What Fun?

Rock Star Celebrity Artist CANONIZED by the Church of Music, a Voltage Frequency Stadium. Looking Larger than Life on Stage (actually 5 feet 3 inches) Bought into Your Own Hype and KNOCKED DOWN like a Bowling Pin and Pawn. Just another One in the Curse Calling Soft Marshmallow Milieu.

Burden of Proof

I am an Informed Consumer making Irrational Purchases. I spend $4,000 a year on gasoline to fuel my mountain bicycle. I am certain that my 2 year old child has at least a ration of a quart of 190 Proof Vodka per Day. I care for others and  I am certain to Fuck Them Over First and Foremost, By All Means Necessary. Gratefully Singin’ “God Bless Ameri-Porn! My Home Sweet…..”

‘Problems in Everyday Living’

So I knew this Gladiator. And he was really  ‘take it or leave it’  when it came to accepting reality. Eventually, he was the cause of the Fall of the Roman Empire. So, I looked at him, and said, “Well? NOW , Whatchagonna DO?!!!”

Hallowed Traffic?

I was sitting on the city bus heading towards the grocery. Hungry and writing nonsensical verse: idea-power-transmit-beauty-attraction- magic-incantation-prayer. Two women board. One is dressed as a broad side of a barn, sporting ever so fashionable hair curlers. The other has dyed jet black hair that she is spastic-ally flipping about, while talking about her birthday party drinking binge, on the 26th of the month. ‘Odd,’ I thought, ‘that’s the same day as…’ I realize in absolute HORROR, that THERE ARE MY EX-GIRLFRIEND []

‘All the Almosts’

All the Almosts, Might Have Beens. So Intense, Deified Objectified, makes me smile, before I cry, breakdown in my room. Your love came to soon, now way past bloom. What move to make, play for show? Trash It! Sped up, sex with the crowd.. Who goes home after the gig? and looks at the hotel room? Just me, the bed, and the sheets to drug down. Lost Mind. Lost time. All the Almosts, All the Might Have Beens, So Close to Fame, []