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criteria anyone?

what I write when Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?”

So, I rarely travel out of my neighborhood, in this age of covid, I find it easier to make maybe 3 trips a month, where I will be around groups of humans. So… today I had to mail in my ballot, grab a few household goods at Kroger. Since maybe mid June of this year, I have been dressing more androgynously. I am beginning to realize a synthesis of parts of myself that are masculine and those which are feminine. Some of []

stray ideas, on OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE

Well, while we are banning words which are considered offensive speech, let’s consider excluding the term, ‘BANANAS’, from common usage, slang. A banana refers to a food one eats, but also can be construed as a phallic symbol, a ‘dick’ or a ‘penis.’ “He eats bananas.” Also it’s used to describe someone who is insane, crazy (like myself).  “That dude is, BANANAS!” Imagine that I am at the local grocery purchasing Crisco, and the clerk takes his morning break, saying,”I am going []

Part Three, Recoil in Horror (nose pickin’) creative writing

                                                                                the Mentalities of Disinherited Workin’ Folks Right off the bat, I am going to knock off the notions of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism because I am thinking in terms of the United States. My silly theory as to why these ‘isms’ never []