Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

Walking Uphill Thru Quicksand

Surviving 25 years of constant delusions where my mind kept trying to murder me but realized that it needed my body as it’s vehicle. My Problems weren’t attempting to kill me, though my Solutions WERE, and that, my friends, is a SILLY DILEMMA. I swear, sometimes it seems I am almost content with ditching forming any human relationships, friendships or intimate (which I have a dismal track record.) Selfish, tired, and lazy interactions feel like too much bother. Anyway, no matter how []

“Evangelical Christian Communist”

Billie Graham Went Down to the Crossroads. He believed that he met Jesus there, telling him how and what to preach. Though what he failed to realize was that he just met and made a highly priced deal the Deeble (devil). I know this was true. I was there. I was Billie’s Stenographer, nuff’ said.


‘TIPS FROM AN OLDER, TWO SPIRIT WOMAN’ Protocols and Security for Interactions with Other Humans Play Dumb, and Be Silent. No One needs to know what is between your legs, the “plumbing.” “The best part of waking up, is PLAYIN DUMB, Like FOLGERS IN YOUR CUP.” Situations one might encounter include: 2 Women following you down the street to determine if you are an ‘AUTHENITIC’ female, Groupings of People trying to do the aforementioned, of any sexuality (which is different than gender), []