What Could Be a Preface…

I’m trying to understand the world into which I was born. To see how global society functions. It’s tough enough for me to just be a human. I try on a daily basis to live up to virtues expressed in LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, AND HOPE which I will never attain perfection in achieving. All I can do, is try within the best of my abilities in striving towards those ideals and fall short, but maybe behave a little better in trying. It’s difficult enough for me NOT TO be driven by MY OWN SELF-WILL and IMPULSES. Sometimes the best I can muster is not act on that, to SUCCUMB to RESENTMENT, FEAR, DISHONESTY, AND SELF-SEEKING, and to a lesser extent BITCHING, BLAMING, SHAMING MYSELF and OTHERS. I am trying to understand the forces active in the world and how it functions, so THE WORLD WILL NOT FREAK THE CRAP OUT OF ME. Like I’ve said, once gaining some of this understanding, I tend to retreat from the World, Mind My Own TED BUSINESS DOING TED STUFF because IT’S HARD ENOUGH SOMETIMES, FOR ME NOT TO BE LITERALLY INSANE, OR TO GET SCREWED UP BLASTED ON BIZARRE SUBSTANCES. I retreat into myself, away from the world, as others do, making these observations. It’s Hard Enough, Just to Be a Human on the Planet.

Categories: Manic Beatnik Riffing

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