Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

I am No Angel.

I constructed, shape formed, invented, contrived, prepared, originated- from various sources- made up my mind reaching the conclusion, a judgement with determination and a firmness of mind arrived at a choice to form like the rotation of the globe, ponder, and bring to the surface a CHANGING OF MY INTENTIONS, FEELINGS, AND ATTITUDES reaching an impasse only to rebound, changing a trend in my life to convert my nature with a specified result of changing my course in the opposite direction and []

Staring at the Sun (u2 cover)

Staring at the Sun. I want to take a minute and make a comment that bares little relation to the cover song. I am heartened and amazed by the creative bunch of Poets, Musicians, Painters, Photographers, and all around Artists that I get to discover every single day here on WordPress. It is as if I am glancing into the souls of strangers. Sometimes I imagine everyone in the whole world have a psyche that screams out. I would never know it. []

a little catching up to do

I wanted to drop everybody a note to explain where I have been and what has been going on.. I have been very busy with music, a lot of it practice. Drilling major keys in the circle of fifths for the fluent in music of you out there. Been practicing hours and hours a day, doing this on Bass, which is a relatively new instrument of mine. I am trying to get a good idea where the notes are, being that it []

Only a Nightmare.

Writing to figure this out. How can I explain, that line in space, that delineates reality, the real agreed upon state of mind amongst people versus “going over the edge” insanity, the blur. It seems hard to translate. In general most folks know when they are dreaming. They wake and maybe for a few minutes upon opening their eyes become disorientated, believing what they dreamt – flying; lucid dreams where they direct their own movie- was real. Then they go on with []

Savin’ Grace ( cover tune), audio

Savin’ Grace I want to drop a few notes about my selection of the song. Have you ever had a period of your life that was so devastating that it required a soundtrack? I did. I usually do not discuss my experiences of being mentally ill. I will now. I have a thought disorder. At one point, I was lucky to be able to even zip up my winter coat. Terrified is a good description. A doctor had me leave my house []

Old Vinyl

Digging an old groove. Well-worn, spinning. In emotions that others would have forgotten and resold to me in the bargain bin. No need tho, the tune is memorized in the pathways of my mind. I just laugh, “This is sick.” and those were good times, weren’t they?

Quote Day 4

Famous Last Words “Don’t worry about me, man. I’ll be okay, I’ll pull through. I ¬†ALWAYS ¬†do.”- old Charlie