Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

(please) NOTICE.

No Parking No Smoking No Left Hand Turn No Loitering No Panhandling No Exit No Eating or Drinking- on the bus No Waiting? No Shirt No Shoes No Service No Litterin’ No Refills Within 15 minutes of leaving my home, I have been bombarded with all of these prohibitions. Sometimes, I wish that I could see signs telling me WHAT I CAN DO, SOME SORT OF AFFIRMATION, NO KIDDING. (post script) I heard a Mother say to her 4 year old child, []

Tenants Wanted!

Hell is always for Rent. A raid to clear it out, only made it move to a new location. Police lining their Pockets, Graft and Grime, wanted for more, Motivation for Vice, Pleasure, and Wealth. It’s the World’s Playground- without wives. On stage, Hear Freedom Flow through the Pipes of a Chorus of Beautiful Voices in a Parade, irresistible. Needs a Housecleaning, wants Reform, but always gets an Acquittal. an Absolute Boss Dominates this resort, for his Entertainment. Be certain, HELL IS []

Unbroken Code

To break the encryption, Readers of the Manuscript Perceived Within It ONLY a Mirror of Their Own Thoughts. I’d like to believe that da Vinci wrote it. Even to this day, it’s meaning has yet to be deciphered.

‘Failure is Our Motto’

Failure is our Motto. We are Creative Problem Creators. Our Modes of Operation are: Lie Big, Lie Often, Until It’s Believed. The Effects are: His Mind will Give Him Misinformation, The Population will Receive Disinformation, and History Will Begin Rhyming with Itself.

Bought the Ticket

The price of Admission- DYSTOPIA. Watching the History He Taught Become Forgotten and UNRAVEL Before His Bloodshot Eyes. I SAW the Light Fade and Leave His Sight.


  The mistake he made was that he had a conscience. Others overstated his importance. Today, there are no such things as secrets …stress device diaries… Hiding, Not Revealing Your Position. INTELLIGENCE (turns me on) …the cameras… Who’s Counting? the MACHINES. We’re all in the Show. Defector- another Destroyer of Worlds. His Mistake was Having a Conscience, being a Pawn like the Rest of Us, Routine.