Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

Don’t Worry About ME.

Don’t Worry About ME. I’m just Another Knocked Over Bowling Pin. I’ve never met the ‘Elites’ … Perhaps the Government will Issue State Sponsored Cyanide Tablets to All the ‘Good’ Americans. I said, “NOW, I AM the JACK OUT of the Moldy BOX!” As I was Floating Down the Main Stream.

somewhere in the 2000’s…..

am I flashing back? or is Wolf Blitzer repeating the same news soundbytes OVER and OVER AGAIN until my HEAD GOES NUMB and MY EYES AND EARS BLEED? Happily nightmare ever after… Days bleeding into days. Government death merchants, East India Jail Trade, Pharmaceutical Warfare, Working Man’s Plight, Yellow Journalism…. IT’S NOT FAIR AND RIGHT! Buy the Constitution. Doctors playin’ Lawyers Judges playin’ Doctors Doctors playin’ Judges, and Police PLAYIN’ GOD… but GOD’S NOT PLAYING. don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry It’s []


the Damned Looking into the Inner Sanctum of Paradise. a Beautiful Mousetrap that Attracted Photographers and Celebrities. Feline Palate Orgasm. a Mirage of Escapism, a Con, that Quickens the Heartbeat. Feigned Safety. and “I’m Dying.” ….sleep…..