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Thank You to all Viewers!!!!

My life has meaning and love. I hope others in humanity have the same peace. Perhaps that I do not fit, as a cog, in Society, is an immeasurable compliment. Insanity is a sane reaction in this chaotic environment called America. If I had an over-flowing pocketbook, I might have been merely moniker-ed as “eccentric.” Television sets, computers, and phones are entertainment. I believe that if none of those objects existed, I would still draw, paint, and make music, regardless if I []

“a Story” new original song with lyrics sheet

“a Story” I’ll state the facts With words I can’t take back The harsh realities of life that lost loves’ prescribe I remember when we were singing on the street corners. I remember when we were gonna be famous performers. Driving down dirt roads, Drawing you as a puff of smoke. And I was gonna be her knight in shining armor. Just singing for her on that street corner. We were gonna be famous performers. As sure as we were compatible as []

a little note

Always writing letters, little notes that I do not enjoy ,for no one to see. I swear I can still hear the notes you sang like a person haunted, wired into my mind. I was terrified and am enamoured of you, like being addicted to a drug that made me feel so good, so bad, overdosing on the thought of you. I want to hit that sharp, wry, bitter sound of a spirit screaming and scratching, latching onto a lie that isn’t []

Links to Wonderful Websites

In the interest of others and to relieve my self-obsession, I want to direct your attention to other really superb blogs. I look at these everyday. Taking a visit is well worth your time!

Second-hand Account, hearsay

Dylan, after Newport, huddled crouching in a corner, while the party raged to a free jazz drumbeat. His hands were cold. Kundalini energy, he was freaking out. If you would touch him, you’d think he’d snap, hurt you. He had unleashed something that he did not know, He did not know what it was.

” lil’ artist statement”

As an artist and musician, I want an audience. The trap being that I want attention without getting caught in the snares of prestige and greed. My self-worth is no longer contingent on the quality or popularity of my work.