Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

Savin’ Grace ( cover tune), audio

Savin’ Grace I want to drop a few notes about my selection of the song. Have you ever had a period of your life that was so devastating that it required a soundtrack? I did. I usually do not discuss my experiences of being mentally ill. I will now. I have a thought disorder. At one point, I was lucky to be able to even zip up my winter coat. Terrified is a good description. A doctor had me leave my house []

Old Vinyl

Digging an old groove. Well-worn, spinning. In emotions that others would have forgotten and resold to me in the bargain bin. No need tho, the tune is memorized in the pathways of my mind. I just laugh, “This is sick.” and those were good times, weren’t they?

Quote Day 4

Famous Last Words “Don’t worry about me, man. I’ll be okay, I’ll pull through. I  ALWAYS  do.”- old Charlie

On Musicians

Once, I saw him play Memphis blues in an old shoe-box. For all those years, I thought the powder on his face was make-up. Maybe I have grown cynical. Now, I believe that he missed his nose.

a message

Every human’s life is worth living, no matter how tragic. Somewhere in each being- regardless of creed, gender,race, illness (physical or mental), addiction, and across the spectrum of behavior- Just Wants to Love and Be Loved. God Bless Our Wretched Lives.