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These links were provided to me by Teresa N.Fischer. I believe that She and her husband, Scott Fischer, and her friends are some of the most important Artists of recent times. Teresa Fischer quote, ” I guess I will list some of my favorite sites to visit. Some of these artists are friends, some are acquaintances, some whose are I love and all of them inspire me. Because of the field Scott is involved in, some of these links will be for []


I would like to say Thank You to the following websites for their attention and support since I started this page. The reader will find that there are a wide of variety of skills and talents represented among these pages!! click below..

Thank You to all Viewers!!!!

My life has meaning and love. I hope others in humanity have the same peace. Perhaps that I do not fit, as a cog, in Society, is an immeasurable compliment. Insanity is a sane reaction in this chaotic environment called America. If I had an over-flowing pocketbook, I might have been merely moniker-ed as “eccentric.” Television sets, computers, and phones are entertainment. I believe that if none of those objects existed, I would still draw, paint, and make music, regardless if I []

“a Story” new original song with lyrics sheet

“a Story” I’ll state the facts With words I can’t take back The harsh realities of life that lost loves’ prescribe I remember when we were singing on the street corners. I remember when we were gonna be famous performers. Driving down dirt roads, Drawing you as a puff of smoke. And I was gonna be her knight in shining armor. Just singing for her on that street corner. We were gonna be famous performers. As sure as we were compatible as []

a little note

Always writing letters, little notes that I do not enjoy ,for no one to see. I swear I can still hear the notes you sang like a person haunted, wired into my mind. I was terrified and am enamoured of you, like being addicted to a drug that made me feel so good, so bad, overdosing on the thought of you. I want to hit that sharp, wry, bitter sound of a spirit screaming and scratching, latching onto a lie that isn’t []