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criteria anyone?

a couple of words on the fool’s moon tune

Hey guys! I would like feedback, attention, whatever on the last posts here. This “fool’s moon” project started 14 years ago. This song came out spontaneously from me in the spring of 2000, came right out of the ether. I laid it down and mixed it to 4 tracks. Then , when I realized its personal meaning to me, I promptly tried to obliterate my mind in a haze. It worked. About 12 years later, I digitally remastered it. I have had []


” I would never join an organization that would have me as a member.” – GROUCHO MARX ” I am no longer concerned or worry about pain anymore, because I am certain it will not last much longer.” – an 84 YEAR OLD GENTLEMAN

” What has Value?”

People wearing masks, playing roles, hiding themselves from what is underneath, the beauty and horror. Hiding the bottle, afraid to feel and be seen…caring.

” Looking Back”

Driving, Hitting the accelerator, 90 Miles per Hour. Looking directly out the back window, Seeing where I have been, With no idea where I am, OR Even Expecting the Impending COLLISION.

” Proud to be your Son”

I stand still when I should run. I ran when I should have stood still. I scream when I should be silent. You watched helplessly as any father would, crying when you should be laughing, as I finally became a man Who is proud to be your son.

time for music disclaimers!!!!

Okay I have been in very many musical collaborations. Must somehow beg forgiveness for all those folks who I worked with, all the writing credit screwups, like me claiming too much intellectual property rights. Most of the people I have worked with I have screwed over emotionally and other ways. I can understand if some folks I sing about or with will never speak to me again. Hey, that’s cool. I can dig it. I am available if any of you have []

On the subject of Technology

I remember the time of the Civil War, oops I mean Cold War.  When only the military and the higher education system had the Internet which was in this thing called DOS. Back then, people lit candles and wiped their behinds with corncobs in the outhouse. Wait, i think I am getting confused about all this, oh yeah, I remember when people talked on these things called rotary phones and this thing called AM radio which was pretty neat and syrupy, then []