Manic Beatnik Riffing

criteria anyone?

Old Vinyl

Digging an old groove. Well-worn, spinning. In emotions that others would have forgotten and resold to me in the bargain bin. No need tho, the tune is memorized in the pathways of my mind. I just laugh, “This is sick.” and those were good times, weren’t they?

Quote Day 4

Famous Last Words “Don’t worry about me, man. I’ll be okay, I’ll pull through. I  ALWAYS  do.”- old Charlie

On Musicians

Once, I saw him play Memphis blues in an old shoe-box. For all those years, I thought the powder on his face was make-up. Maybe I have grown cynical. Now, I believe that he missed his nose.

a message

Every human’s life is worth living, no matter how tragic. Somewhere in each being- regardless of creed, gender,race, illness (physical or mental), addiction, and across the spectrum of behavior- Just Wants to Love and Be Loved. God Bless Our Wretched Lives.

2 South

“Two South” Bus driver. Hardened, 50 years old? Seems like an old whiskey drunk, but he is dry, today, at work. Sharpening his mind between stops doing crossword puzzles. Punctual. Never speaks a word. Grits his teeth. Going home tonight alone, like every evening, Him and the Bottle that he is not going to have, yet, for now.

Cicadas at Dusk

Youth. The sound of cicadas at dusk making a gentle hum. I can remember the thickness of the summer air. Looking across the Ohio river into the gray hills of West Virginia. Reminded of what was the old coal town, Where you were coated in black dust after stepping outside. The old glass factory on the edge of town which had blown up leaving a spray-painted exterior. Just one of many industries that had thrived before I was born, that I had []