Vaporized-Carbon-Stain Blues

Power Outage.

Playing with Shadows on the Wall,

Windowsill like a Crucifix.

I remember ’17’.

Nostalgia in the Dark.

It WAS that BAD

and all we had was each other and what we could do.

Power Outage, lit by Candlelight.

What seems important?

Wondering When I Will Be Whacked,

Singin’ Vaporized-Carbon-Stain Blues

with my Battery Powered Clock, Cold Coffee,  and Crackers.



Categories: Manic Beatnik Riffing

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  1. The work whacked seems out of place. Though it sets up the crackers line. If you feel like you’ll be whacked try to include more of the fear in the last half. Nice though. I like your writing.


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