on searching for greater insight and contact with My Spiritual Path

In Western culture, a common term to refer to Sprituality is God. I use it, people get the jist of it.
At times, I have needed this idea of a Father, looking after me. I do a set of prayers that I understand,
which always uses the term He, like his will. Well yesterday, I thought to change that to HER, HER WILL FOR ME.
I was surprised to discover the habit of using a masucline descriptor, is ingrained in me thru years of repetiton in prayer.
Thru force of habit, now I have to consciously remember to use SHE or HER or HERS. There are a vast multitude of philosophies,
belief systems, and religions on the planet. Mine is a mish mash of what works for me. A lot of it, are ideals that you may have
heard of, like striving towards Hope, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness..
so a friend directed me
to reading about the Hindu Goddesses… Did a brief foray into the Greek as well. Been jotting down notes feverishly.
The visual art symbolism in Eastern Art, absorbed a bit. Just wanna say, that This Union of Masculine and Feminine qualities within me, is an Inside Job, and to more closely unify these aspects internally, will Manifest on the Outside my eternal body. Perhaps that way, the internal job, is a strong foundation, for eternal expression in my body, physical form. As always, this union of femme and dude, is FLUID THRU TIME, (whatever is needed in any brief time).. These parts and charateristics were never separate in the first place, maybe humans have been deluded by THAT ILLUSION for MILLENIA…

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