Protocols and Security for Interactions with Other Humans

Play Dumb, and Be Silent. No One needs to know what is between your legs, the “plumbing.”
“The best part of waking up, is PLAYIN DUMB, Like FOLGERS IN YOUR CUP.”
Situations one might encounter include:
2 Women following you down the street to determine if you are an ‘AUTHENITIC’ female,
Groupings of People trying to do the aforementioned, of any sexuality (which is different than gender),
So in part, I shall include my personal recent experiences with CAT CALLS.
A few days ago, I went for a walk with my dog. I went for the exercise as well as clearing my mind about
monetary issues. I threw on some makeup, and clothes really quick, and took off fast. My puppy needed
to relieve herself. Within 5 minutes of trekking, a fellow in a GIANT FORD 150 PICKUP TRUCK,
Immediately my response emotionally was mixed. I felt funnily complimented, and also aware
that this fellow might not cognize that I was born a biological male, and FROM A DISTANCE
I PASS, as A BIOLOGICAL FEMALE. As I said, I pass at a distance, from the road, but still this makes
me happy when it occurs. I also know that this guy’s reaction is a Male who has the internal clock that needs
to BLOW OR RELIEVE HIS LOAD.. that happens.. but if he had a friend in the car or realized that perhaps
I am something ‘different’ his reaction could be embarrassment or anger, even violence. Thus the Protocol which
was advised to me is PLAY DUMB, which I did by giving my attention to the dog, who immediately took a dump.
Good timing. I realized this fellow, might double back in the vehicle, which occurred within a few minutes and honked as I ditched him by walking onto a PEDESTRIAN ONLY PATH.
So I like Cat Calls, complimenting and fun, but be wary too. The difference as the Elder 2 Spirit Woman explained
was that Online Cat Calls differ in that the suitor can check out your friends, photos, life story etc.. she said in essence that Online, “They get to Read and Check Out the Brochure.”
So I continued my walk , and about an hour later, a fellow who was driving a City Work Vehicle, gave me
another Cat Call and Honked. I couldn’t help but be amused with that.. Twice in one walk… So knowing this
guy was at work by virtue of what he was driving, I acknowledged him with a wave as he passed. I thought about
why all this happened. I was wearing turquoise blue top and dress cut right above the knees, and matched with the blonde hair, and red lips, that is what musta done it.. Turquoise is a good color for me, sometimes. Anyway, who are these Indiana Redneck Hillbillie dudes honkin’ at ME?
Oddly, in younger generations, Trans Culture is almost trendy. With RuPaul’s famous Drag Show onto Television,
Younger Biological Women are Imitating the Drag Look with Wigs, MakeUp, all the Rest, it is more mainstream.
Once again the elder warned, that that these Straight Girls look like Drag Queens, and then when a Young Man hits on them, they put them down, and ACT AS IF THEY ARE TRANS, SAYIN’ SUCK MY DICK to turn them down… so no wonder these young fellows get a bit confused when they see ME. I was told to tell these youngsters that they can CHECK ME OUT ON GRANNYCAMS. COM…..
so I may have other installments of these Tips in the future.
I will leave everyone with this…
Some Men are CONTROL FREAKS, the elder advised, “a Man will roll the ball across the floor, and GET PISSED OFF,

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