the Gentle Ginger Beard Cowardly Lion

He was a nut screwed on way too tight. Always unsettling to sit across his kitchen table from him. An outward air of normality of the fitting in with a crowd variety. I imagine the team of Psychiatrists, on a jazzed out all night coffee binge, with shaking (no, scratch that) TREMBLING hands, meticulously piecing together his fragile humpty dumpty egg shell mind with dime store purchased superglue. The last shards, remnants of his sanity, gone, though his outward countenance pass as neurotypical. FRANKENDOCTOR’S MASTERPIECE. I would not be surprised at all to learn, that he feigned being a Dominoe’s Pizza Delivery Man, who, after scouting out his next victim in a long line of many, to ask, “Pepperoni? Double Cheese?” Right before dismembering them. Yes, sitting in the kitchen nook, across from the Gentle Ginger Beard Cowardly Lion, Indeed, a Nut Screwed On Way Too Tight.

Categories: Manic Beatnik Riffing

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