ted’s Bus Adventure StoryTime!!

so it’s ted’s Bus Adventure Storytime! As some of you know, I live an isolated life, enjoying not interacting with other human beings face to face. This covid nightmare has been the perfect excuse to engage in this behaviour. This being the case, outings in public are very very rare and lead to excitement in my mind as well as the odd epiphany or two. Today was such a day. I had to venture to my pharmacy to pick up my ‘crazy pills’ as well as engage with a Secretary concerning my shrink appointment. Being that I have to see the Nut Doctor this afternoon, and do not wish to be formally diagnosed ANYWHERE on the Transgender spectrum, I dressed what I thought was extremely BUTCH, not femme in my mind, that is my take on MASCULINITY. (side note, that my psych doc has access to my case files and case manager, and would have the trans knowledge about me, if he were to inquire. My secrecy involves a negative opinion of the transgender spectrum and it’s outdated modality in the diagnoses manual.. i mean MY GOD, Homosexuality was considered a SEXUAL DEVIANCY UNTIL 1994, so I estimate in about 2050 the Diagnostic Manual will have it figured out) .. continuing… I get on the Bus of Mid-Western totally impoverished folks of which I am one. My mind does this familiar routine of running a FASHION SHOW on EVERYBODY WHO GETS A RIDE… This is not fair and uncalled for… Lord knows, that I have looked atrocious more times than not… So I realize that I AM STARING AT FOLKS, and am reminded that I have been TOLD NOT TO DO THIS… I am a visual artist so that behavior happens so often that I can’t even tell you it’s frequency… then my thoughts flow to a thumbnail sketch that I created circa 2003 in a coffee house in town called SOMA. I made it really quickly under 3 minutes. Had to do it lightning fast because the subject was just there in line getting a cup of joe. So… a thumbnail of Meghan_McKern is below, we later became friends but did not know each other from Adam, then.

additionally a fellow got on, looking so entirely too normal that he looked like Chris Farly

I arrived at my destination, picked up da ‘meds’, proceeded to talk to the Secretary about my upcoming appointment, she informed me that the meeting is still happening, and that she needed me to sign a information release form that was lacking… okay so.. HERE’S THE KICKER: As I mentioned that I thought that I was PRESENTING AS A MAN, as BUTCH AS POSSIBLE.. The Secretary SAID TO ME, “MA’AM WILL YOU SIGN HERE, PLEASE?” STRANGE HUH? Of course, I did not MISS A BEAT, and replied, “sure, Thank You.” I walked off overjoyed thinking that I looked ‘all manly’ and someone I do not know at all, with courtesy refers to me in the feminine. A hoot, Huh? HOORAY! All of this occurred in 20 minutes, round trip. Yeah, don’t get out much, do ya?

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