Gimme Shelter.

!!!!!!!!!!!Gimme Shelter (cover)!!!!!!! Doing this song is a matter of having a social conscience. Scary that it is still relevant. My mind is blown because kids have to take classes in college that forces them to listen to the Beatles, Dylan, and the Stones. Of course my parent’s generation was floored because I had to take classes about Big Band Music, the Blues, Ragtime, Jazz, and Tin Pan Alley. Anyway, that is my digression ’bout all those CRAZY KiDz. So this one []

it’s Time to Play: WHO IS THAT SONGWRITER?

I Want You! 15 years ago, I “fell” in “love” via internet chat romance, with a woman named Katya in Athens, Ohio. I jumped over the deep end since then, many a time. So I would listen to this song over and over, ya know? The theme music, so… name that songwriter!!