Savin’ Grace ( cover tune), audio

Savin’ Grace I want to drop a few notes about my selection of the song. Have you ever had a period of your life that was so devastating that it required a soundtrack? I did. I usually do not discuss my experiences of being mentally ill. I will now. I have a thought disorder. At one point, I was lucky to be able to even zip up my winter coat. Terrified is a good description. A doctor had me leave my house []

Basket Case, ( green day cover) audio

Basket Case My dad used to say, “If I do not get 8 hours sleep tonight, I am going to be a basket-case tomorrow.” I am certain he knew what that meant. But as a Professor’s son, I felt obligated to remind him that the term was originally coined after World War 1 to describe quadriplegics in a derogatory fashion. All these years later, I am crazy, a basket-case, yet I am bigger than a bread box, which is another song altogether.

Takin’ Pills, (Pistol Annies cover), audio

Takin’ Pills Being a hillbillie, I thought that I should give this tune a try. Unfortunately, even tho it is a 3 chord country song, I managed to screw it up. When the Annies sing it, it seems genuine enough. I wonder if some corporate musichead, thought to himself, “I will get some very well endowed women to sing the song. People would just love it!” Either way it is a fun song. Of course, it would benefit me and my listeners []