“Ash Memory Dust” song by ted

ASH MEMORY DUST If you see me at the end of my life, I hope you see me burn out bright. But who really knows what they’ll befall. I thought I loved you, cared so much Like I was dreaming our ashes to ashes The past is in the dust Something don’t feel quite right I put down what I feel I’m sad tho justified. If I met who I was in past years, you could bet cold cash It would end []

” on resentments”

I was living life, going along, all well and good. Feeling justified, I decided to concoct a drink that I felt entitled too, and named it “Hatred.” I thought perhaps if I derange and bombard my senses with it, I would create wonderful works of creativity in a glorious, romantic, stupor. The reality was that the poison potion could not alleviate, or could be the root cause to a lot of my troubles. No matter how strong I made it, or how []