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  1. Ted, I absolutely love this video, so Brandoesque. I want to hope that it was all intentional, art for art’s sake, not just a random 6 minute smoke on video. Regardless, I don’t know if you are aware how good it is on so many levels. ~ Mia

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    • It is Art for Life’s Sake 🙂 . I just rolled it, and said what I was thinking at the time. I thought it was amusing. Wow! Brando! That is a very good thing! Oh by the way, I am considering paying a lot more attention to ‘the Kills’.

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  2. Ah, life’s sake, even better. It was amusing and captured the moment of what was your “now”. Just subtle little things can be quite powerful, this video was full of those little things. Glad to read you’re going to pay more attention to The Kills, I love them, also Jack White solo, The White Stripes and The Dead Weather, but I think you may already know that. Have a wonderful evening and a great weekend. ~ Mia

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    • Yup , I picked up on the whole Jack White. My favorite set of his, is set 1 Amex unstaged with the women, especially Karla Azure on the trapset. She plays with the technique of a Jazz drummer, and it is beautifully subtle. She blows my mind because all her joints are pinned together, yet she still plays. The pain she must have endured to get in top shape. Um right now I am working on another Raconteurs cover. So glad you enjoyed the Self Portrait. I want to find a Kills song with teeth. Have a good weekend as well.

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      • Thank you Ted. for such a lovely and thoughtful reply. Ah, so you know I love Jack, ha-ha! Heck, why not, I think his lyrics are brilliant. He is amazingly interesting when he talks about his process, I adore his entire philosophy on the of making of good art/music. Interesting about Azar, most people don’t give much thought to this, but a good drummer is like gold. Yeah, there are drummers and then there are drummers. I know you know what I’m talking about. I loved your Self Portrait, right up my alley, I could have written you an entire paper on the piece, but saved you the pain. Ha-ha, it is that good as I mentioned, for so many reasons that I haven’t had a chance to share with you. Looking forward to your The Kills cover. I know I’ve missed a couple of your posts, will catch up tomorrow. Have a good one! ~ Mia

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      • Hey Cool! Laughing about save me the pain, you know I would love to read your thoughts..my email addy is ted.giffin@yahoo.com I would highly appreciate a Vulcan Creative Mind Meld with you. Yeah, of course crits evaluations collaborations…Jack White started out on drums. He said Meg connected with him because she was so bare bones about it. Once Jack White said that he would keep putting out records EVEN IF only 5 People bought them and listened. So for that very reason I am grateful that you listen to my caterwalling. 🙂 I did “you don’t understand me” by the racontteurs and finished writing a song for my roadie, that I am proud of. If you have a Kills song that you think that I could FEEL , something RAW.. Cuz Jack brings something out in her that I don’t see in the Kills. She said it was because of the sheer volume of sound…rambled on long enough.. My friends love your poem too! See that poem of yours is the type of thing we discussed on a different side of the globe, not know you are thinking the exact same stuff..Wild , huh?

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  3. Definitely I will hit you up. I know you stay up late, I was just going to close my eyes. I will write you a real reply tomorrow and send you my thoughts as well via email. Also I will think about The Kills, love Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince together when the chemistry was there, I’ll give you my ideas. I have a couple in mind. Just quickly before I pass out. I think the thing about their stuff is there are a lot of repeats, the lyrics are really good, not as clever as Jack, but the mesmerizing part is the repeats that suck you in. Out of the blue, you’ll just start hearing a particular riff or part that’s your favorite in your head, now that’s when I know I like a band. Ha-ha! Catch up with you later! Take care Ted. ~ Mia

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