N2U by David Troxell

N2U. Another song fresh out of oven. I told David that this is Devil’s Music, and it would be wise not to perform it at a Baptist Church. He begs to differ. (Perhaps I am the element of a fallen angel?) Stay tuned for upcoming gigs. Things are beginning to boil for December. David Troxell: Producer, Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, and keyboards. Ted Giffin: Bass and Sound Engineer. copyright 2015 David Troxell

Hard Drive by David Troxell

Hard Drive. As some of you may already know, I am playing bass and acting as sound engineer for David Troxell. This is a new tune on which we have been working. As David says,”It is cooked and ready to eat.” Enjoy! David Troxell: Producer,Songwriter,Vocals,Guitar, and Keyboards. Ted Giffin: bass and sound engineer. Copyright 2015 David Troxell.