Magic Bus!! (cover)

Magic Bus! so I told the Merry Pranksters, ‘I want it I want it I wannnt IT!!!’ I was afraid that I was going to have to settle for a monthly pass.

Nobody is Perfect (jessie j cover)

Nobody is Perfect. I am surprised that I did this tune. Apparently, Jessie won or was a contestant on one those game show/ talent contests called the Voice in Great Britain. I hate to admit that most players on these shows are far more talented than I. I am not a vocalist, or an R&B singer. But this song is me in many ways. So here is a bastardized version. I think it is pretty though. An apology song. Also I must []

One That Got Away (pink cover)

One That Got Away. My good friend Brandy and I had a long conversation this past week. The subject being: the one that got away. So I reflected on the talk, thinking to myself that has to already be a song. So I did a search on YouTube of the song title, looking for a tune that fit our talk and also that I was capable of covering. So my choices were either Katy Perry ( not my style) Jake Owen ( []