On Musicians

Once, I saw him play Memphis blues in an old shoe-box. For all those years, I thought the powder on his face was make-up. Maybe I have grown cynical. Now, I believe that he missed his nose.

a message

Every human’s life is worth living, no matter how tragic. Somewhere in each being- regardless of creed, gender,race, illness (physical or mental), addiction, and across the spectrum of behavior- Just Wants to Love and Be Loved. God Bless Our Wretched Lives.

Simple Twist of Fate, (audio)

Simple Twist of Fate I am going to say a few words about the artist who wrote this song. Some of you may already know. Growing up as a punk musician, this man was the anti-thesis of what I was about. I literally could not stand what I considered at the time to be droning vocals and way way to heavily repeated chord progressions. I was like, “freakin god turn that shit off!” Usually my friend playing this on the jambox, would []