Playlist- the Ambient Zebras, “For What It’s Worth”

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  1. Is this a different vocalist, Ted? Have only listened to Morroco Blue so far. Was a random click as don’t know Ambient Zebras. I chose to listen to this as I am colloquially called a Zebra due to having a chronic illness. I used to know why but I forget why!!

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    • Yeah, it is a different singer.
      His name is Mitch Hilton, aka Mitch Wolf, aka Junkshopcoyote.
      He inspired me to wanna make music and sing.
      He named the band, playing on words. I think it was a Dr. Suess book,
      on beyond Zebras, not sure. Also I liked the word and feel on Ambient music.

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    • No these are all our songs.
      That was our band back in the late 1980’s.
      All original music. We were kids and friends.
      I admired them, and when we made music it was at a furious creative pace.
      So happy that you listened to the old stuff.

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    • I have no distributor. Also not sure what really defines published these days.
      I am so happy the internet has leveled the playing field, anyone can create anything
      on the same level. I have never been it for the money, really. If there is any to be made?
      Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me your ears and eyes, not your checkbook. Um..
      Well I was 17 to maybe 19 years old during the Ambient Zebra band. We had band fliers,
      I chose the symbol of a question mark.
      the definition of what-not:
      a nondescript or indescribable thing, or sometimes, person.
      I guess I liked the ambiguity of it. I was effeminate back then. So that is why I
      went as that as a stage name.

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