” lil’ artist statement”

As an artist and musician, I want an audience. The trap being that I want attention without getting caught in the snares of prestige and greed. My self-worth is no longer contingent on the quality or popularity of my work.


I am preaching to people who do not like being used as a mirror, my self-portrait that I refuse to look directly into the eyes and smile. It seems that I would rather take of my spectacles so I might look like a Monet.

“Ash Memory Dust” song by ted

ASH MEMORY DUST If you see me at the end of my life, I hope you see me burn out bright. But who really knows what they’ll befall. I thought I loved you, cared so much Like I was dreaming our ashes to ashes The past is in the dust Something don’t feel quite right I put down what I feel I’m sad tho justified. If I met who I was in past years, you could bet cold cash It would end []