Fairy Tale (original music)

Fairy Tale. Think of you often, Maybe way too much. Barely knew you but you were there for the crucial parts. Our fairy tale was crushed. Grandparents picked up the pieces the best that they knew how. And I’ve spent the rest of my life trying to fill that gap somehow. Our fairy tale was crushed. Use cigarettes, Use booze, Used people, To Replace You. What are you seeing when you look down? I hope against hope you’re still proud. tho our []

the Folk C Thang, (original music)

the Folk C Thang. I decided to get back to my Pyscho-billie roots. Well, when in (Rome) , I mean, Indiana, One should try to blend in with the locals, the townies. Here I am featured for the first time on washboard, harmonica, acoustic guitar, and tambourine. No words to speak of , just felt silly and right. I was going to make some sort of joke lyric about how I believe Walt Disney masterminds his child stars, to grow up to []