Resonant Sunset (new original song)

Resonant Sunset. (lyrics) You don’t belong (uh huh) and You never will (mmhmm) See? We were cursed from birth (yeah!) And that left a large hole to fill (uh huh) But, Man, Look at that Sunset! It’s beyond words to describe. Anyway, I Feel You Resonate. I Feel You Resonate. Aw FUCK IT! SCREW IT ALL TO HELL! (mmhmm?) It’s me and my fretting hand, Who cares? Who lives to tell? (uh huh) I make no sense but I can change a []

Shallow Desperate Love Poem (circa 1996)

I can’t control the weather or people’s perceptions. Red in your face, flushed, embarrassed. Are you trying to give me a hint? The silent treatment, a sinking feeling, emotional baggage, weight on your shoulder. Liar. Why are you closing yourself off? Flesh fire hard mentality, Everyone needs someone to follow. She doesn’t believe a broken boy with his bent flute. Self-loathing and anger directed outward. Rage. Muttering under my breath, “I don’t know you ,but you have shifty eyes and look like []

How a Duality? (circa 1999)

There is Light and Dark. Extreme Violence and Total Peace. Love + Hate Life + Death Straight + Gay Humiliation + Pride Calm + Chaos Safe + Unsafe Create to Destroy Love to Conquer To Stand or To Run To Fight or Fright To Strive for the Positive is the Same as To Live in Darkness. Please Accept That All are Aspects of the Same Thing, and No-Thing Matters Nothing Matters Is To Become Grey.

Midst of Confusion (circa 1999)

Looking at the negative. All so dark. Draining. Powerless Death. When you think that your best friends are your worst enemies, All that you are, is hated and attacked. There is no safety. No protection. And you may be dying. What does that mean? What does it matter if no one hears your song and no one cares? Words spat into a pit. How do I focus? I am choosing this? What does it matter if I gave up marriage or old []

Heaven (talking heads cover)

Heaven. (lyrics) Everyone is trying to get to the bar. The name of the bar, the bar is called Heaven. The band in Heaven plays my favorite song. They play it once again, they play it all night long. Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens. Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens. There is a party, everyone is there. Everyone will leave at exactly the same time. Its hard to imagine that nothing at all could be so exciting, []

This Old Town (cover)

This Old Town. Living free is gaining on me Can’t keep ahead of my dreams My relief turned out a thief Smooth as rocks in the stream This old town is a sad affair You be glad you’re not there It ties your hands It spikes your drink I’d say more, but I can’t think Lazy Jim took a bottle with him Tried to flag down a train Left a note Couldn’t read what he wrote A light came on in my []