High and Dry (cover)

High and Dry. Don’t you just love Fear and Loathing and Self-Pity in the Midwest of the United States? Here is a cover of a Radiohead tune. (had to do it) I implore those of you have not seen the following cartoon to do so.. SOUTH PARK episode: “Scott Tenorman Must Die!” (then and only then will you deeply understand) 🙂

Like a Train, (new original song)

Like a Train.. (lyrics) the Fear, the Pain, the Shame, the Blame the Booze, the Pills. Left that All Behind. Left that All Behind. Don’t know where to go. She’s on my mind. Can’t help how I feel. She’s on my mind. Left that all behind. Left her all behind. Better not drive- It’s been a long line. Better not drive- It’s been a long night. Always seemed, Like a dream, too good too, Wake Up to. Left that all behind. Left []

Slither, (cover)

Slither. This is very sloppy, though you must understand that the first digit of my first finger is swollen about a quarter inch while trying to practice this song, to do it justice, which wasn’t done. The blister is about to explode, I should have known better than to play Slash licks on an acoustic, barring the chords with one finger.. Anyway I like the result, wish it I could have done this better.