Ted Giffin

I’ll Shine Your Light, original tune

I’ll Shine Your Light. Who is in your persuasion? Don’t feel bad. The dawn should cover the darkness. I’ll shine your light. Can we get together? Should we get together, NOW? Who is playin’ the streets tonight? Oh he wants her oh he feels her from far away. Girl comes down, girl comes down and asks God why she sees suffering in everyone’s eyes. She thinks it’s just a joke. He writes her letters, He don’t even send. In his dreams, she’d []

David Troxell + Giffin, Weekend Gigs and New Recording

Weakest Moments (John Mellencamp cover) by David Troxell and Ted Giffin. David stopped by today. We recorded a song that is ironic for the both of us, called Weakest Moments. It is the B-side to a old 45 record, which was the hit song by Mellencamp entitled, Jack and Diane. I had never heard it before, but I fell right in. Credits are as follows. Troxell- lead vocals, acoustic guitar, and keyboards. Giffin- Acoustic Bass, and Sound Engineer. (John Mellencamp- songwriter) David []

Burn, (original music) audio

Burn. (this is terribly improvised) I don’t have money to burn but I’m not too concerned. I have memories in my head, but I sleep easy in my bed. And will you find? Would you mind spending the time? To go my road. I have memories to burn. Have you got the time to learn? Got memories to burn. Got family And the memories to burn.