Ted Giffin

Gray Skies, original music, audio

I try to keep it in my mind. I try to keep it in my head. I’m not the worst and I’m not the best. Gray skies, Gray skies.. I lock the door behind me. Gray skies, Gray skies. Close the blinds, let no light in. I have my paper and I have my pens. Try to draw simple shapes, then block the values in. Can you hear my voice? Does it sound like yours? Can you hear me sing? Can you []

In the Lord’s Hands, original spiritual song, audio

Sometimes the stress gets to be a little too much. And it hurts to be living from day to day. What day is it? I want to be free to be whoever it is that I am. And not make lies to cover for the messed up past that I’ve had. The point is that it’s a struggle to do the best that I can. And not make anybody mad. Sometimes the best I can do is to sleep alone. Here I []

Catch-22 (letter to steve), original tune, audio

Catch-22 (letter to steve) Believe me tho I don’t tell the truth. Tell all the gossips the daily news. People fill me with disgust. A smile, a handshake, it’s so fucked up. Catch-22, a pure feedback loop as I write this letter to you. So much hate, so little time to retreat out of this war. There is hope tho I am not quite sure where it lies. Catch-22, a pure feedback loop as I write this letter in the sky. Poor []

Strawberry Fields Forever, beatles cover, audio

It seems strange to me that as a 6 year old, I raided my Aunt’s record collection and devoured many beatle records. One of my first exposures to fun music was Beatle psychedelic rock. And I wonder WHY I ask myself the reason for being a messed up adult..

I’m So Tired, beatles cover, audio

I am dedicating this tune to ALL who have known MANIA, or are experiencing it RIGHT NOW, or have gone thru some sort of withdrawal or a terrible experience from TRAMA as well as those who work WAY TOO MUCH, and finally all the friends, family, and loved ones of the above afflicted.