Ted Giffin

Riffing on Keith Richards Wicked as it Seems (audio)

Riffing on Keith Richards Wicked as it Seems instrumental I was going to call this post, Name that Tune? But I feel as if I mangled the hell out this great song by sir Keef..So I left the vocals out..It is amazing to me how he uses really simple major chords that anyone can do, but he makes them rhythmically a cluster-mind-f#$K! I spent a lot today messing with this, so here are the results as an instrumental.. Hope this has some []

After the Cocteau Twins, original music, (audio)

Thank You for Stopping by my little spot on the world wide web!!! I just want to say some words about this one. The idea being that a lot of music these days are just a combination of repeated sounds. Chorus/verse, whatever. It becomes apparent to me lyrics are bothersome, asking myself what does it mean, aren’t vocals just notes? I just like to hear something pleasant. I look at some of my favorite tunes, and read what the lyricist meant, and []