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I am the Walrus

Okay, so.. This song is a gateway neuro-chemical that signifies the possibility that your kid will display aberrant behaviors later in life. The family should have known, that when I was 6 years old and raided my Auntie’s record collection, that my fascination with the tune, was a warning sign. It is also much harder to explain to a child than Chuck Berry’s My Ding-a-Ling.


Apparently, there are a lot of Public Officials and Celebrities who have a bunch of STAINED LAUNDRY HIDDEN IN THEIR CLOSETS. I am not one to complain of the odor that emanates their clothes. Who am I to say, that the apparel is damaged beyond repair? I am hopeful, as are they, that the stains will all come out in the wash. Who among us, does not have the need for Laundry Detergent, ya know?


Watch me GOOF OUT! This is FREE SHEER ENTERTAINMENT. So… Makes me wanna ask Johnny, “Man, did you think that was a gig? It looked more like a suicide mission!”

There She Goes, Again!!

Just feel like singin’ these days. Drivin’ my Facebook pals nuts with all the tunes and taggin’! All I can say bout this song is, Lou Reed was kinda a sick dude. Bought himself a new liver, and his body received it. Still kicked off in 2 years. Poor Moe Tucker, in the rock n roll hall of fame, met her in 1997 at a gig. Gave her a ‘drum’ painting. Asked her why she was playin’ underage clubs. She said, “I []

‘the War is Over’

Hello, Everybody! This tune is very clever. Tried to do the tune well. I also want to draw everyone’s attention to a short 10 page article by Umberto Eco which is called ‘Ur-Fascism.’ Which can be found as a free pdf here: Click to access eco_ur-fascism.pdf In ‘TedSpeak’ the article expresses THINGS TO WATCH OUT FOR! Read, think, discuss amongst yourselves. 🙂