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‘Photobooth’ for Katherine

Hello! Today I was looking for new music to record. Came across a band called Deathcab for Cutie, a name gleaned from a group in the Beatle’s Magical Mystery Tour show. So It seemed correct to do the song ‘Photobooth’ because I love the Beatle reference and also I know Katherine over at the website called Photobooth Journal. Here is the link: Do check her site out, it is immensely pleasurable.

Love Sick

I’m walkin’ thru streets that are dead, Walkin’ with you in my head…. Sometimes the silence can be like thunder… Could you ever be true? I think of you and I wonder.


“a Public Service Announcement Followed Me Home the Other Day I Paid It, Nevermind, Go Away. Shit so thick that you could stir it with a stick-free White Washed Presidency. We’re sick of being jerked around…. we all fall down.. It’s been a Bad Day” -Michael Stipe