‘Portrait of Aphrodite’

Yeah, sometimes I hang out, chill, with Goddesses.

Yeah, sometimes I hang out, chill, with Goddesses.

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  1. TED!!! HOLY CRAP!! I love it! You have such range in talent. I am officially jealous. I’m not sure if I mentioned my trouble with art. Grade school I couldn’t even draw stick people, Middle School we worked with clay. The teacher said we could create anything we wanted with the clay. A week went by. I handed in a……ball of clay. It’s hard when you have 2 artistic people in your family and you can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. lol Great job, I really do love it. I love this time period.

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    • Hey, thank! I have been watching documentaries, trying to figure out why and how at societal level, that the Roman Empire fell. Started seeing multitudes of sculpture that I dug. So I decided to do the portrait. I refused to work with clay in high school. The teacher let me get away with using the medium. I must have taken 10 semesters of ceramics in college. What I just found out , was that the artisans who made Greek Amphora vases in Athens, were on the bottom rung of society. They were considered one step above prostitutes. Those vases are gorgeous. Great hearing from you. Hoping that all is well in your world, that your dad is in good spirits. 🙂

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