Talking Doctor Robert and Mister Dealing

We were thick as thieves. My friend believed that integrity was a dirty word and there was no such thing as an honest man
as we set out to create my legend. We got to the scene and could see that who strikes first and fastest will usually eat the best.

I had the goods. When you talk to the press lie and test, shroud yourself in mystery because, inevitably..they will TWIST YOUR WORDS to NO END.Do not let them no who you are and you’ll go far. Say ever think about changing your name?”

The first couple albums sold so poor, the reps nearly hit the floor..We are going to drop you right NOW!
You can see my face all over the bargain bins.

   Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had taken the cash advance, bought myself some leather pants, and lost the rest in a poker game. So I gotta pay that back, somehow, just to be fair. My producer said that I was not dead yet. He was going back to CBS, get to the bottom of this, and crack some heads if he had to. No one knows what went on, except that he came back with my gun saying,”You’ve got one shot left, on nation-wide TV, the publicity you need.” He had blood underneath his fingernails and one eye missing,dropped dead right there.

My performance went well, my head began to swell, and started to believe that I was an Artist, not a singer.
I was going to fold my cards and fade into obscurity. Be who I want to be. Which I did, and haven’t been able to live that down. Even my kids will be judged it.

Categories: Manic Beatnik Riffing

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