a message

Every human’s life is worth living, no matter how tragic. Somewhere in each being- regardless of creed, gender,race, illness (physical or mental), addiction, and across the spectrum of behavior- Just Wants to Love and Be Loved. God Bless Our Wretched Lives.

Simple Twist of Fate, (audio)

Simple Twist of Fate I am going to say a few words about the artist who wrote this song. Some of you may already know. Growing up as a punk musician, this man was the anti-thesis of what I was about. I literally could not stand what I considered at the time to be droning vocals and way way to heavily repeated chord progressions. I was like, “freakin god turn that shit off!” Usually my friend playing this on the jambox, would []

Riffing on Keith Richards Wicked as it Seems (audio)

Riffing on Keith Richards Wicked as it Seems instrumental I was going to call this post, Name that Tune? But I feel as if I mangled the hell out this great song by sir Keef..So I left the vocals out..It is amazing to me how he uses really simple major chords that anyone can do, but he makes them rhythmically a cluster-mind-f#$K! I spent a lot today messing with this, so here are the results as an instrumental.. Hope this has some []

2 South

“Two South” Bus driver. Hardened, 50 years old? Seems like an old whiskey drunk, but he is dry, today, at work. Sharpening his mind between stops doing crossword puzzles. Punctual. Never speaks a word. Grits his teeth. Going home tonight alone, like every evening, Him and the Bottle that he is not going to have, yet, for now.

Cicadas at Dusk

Youth. The sound of cicadas at dusk making a gentle hum. I can remember the thickness of the summer air. Looking across the Ohio river into the gray hills of West Virginia. Reminded of what was the old coal town, Where you were coated in black dust after stepping outside. The old glass factory on the edge of town which had blown up leaving a spray-painted exterior. Just one of many industries that had thrived before I was born, that I had []