HEY LADY REMIX, original music, audio

Hey Lady I woke up, felt sick, had to work, took to much, couldn’t catch up with my thoughts. I spun my head quickly, all I could see was a blur. I recalled a dream. There are people who base their lives around reason. There are people who base their lives around emotions. There are people who base their lives around people. There are people who base their lives around money. How do you see the world? Hey lady, treating your body []

Old Vinyl

Digging an old groove. Well-worn, spinning. In emotions that others would have forgotten and resold to me in the bargain bin. No need tho, the tune is memorized in the pathways of my mind. I just laugh, “This is sick.” and those were good times, weren’t they?

Say Yes, (elliot smith cover) audio

Say Yes, audio A song for people with brittle emotions. Smith was one of those tortured souls who became more unstable thru the use of psychotropic medicines which hindered his live performance at times. The ultimate do-it-yourself recording artist, he ended his life by literally taking a knife to his heart. I have fun depressing myself with his songs. Enjoy.

Sunday Morning, (velvet underground cover) audio

Sunday Morning I have always felt that this was a really peaceful song. Tho really have never cared for Sundays at all, some people don’t like Mondays. I have heard that this is about a hangover. What would you expect Lou Reed to say? For me it is not about that. Lou bought himself a new liver, still didn’t make it. Kurt Cobain may have referenced this tune, in Lithium, there was that line about “sunday morning shave my head” or some []

I Should Have Known, (foo fighters cover)

I want to dedicate this song to Rex Addleman and Krista Brix who we lost to suicide. It is also for others who have had people we care about pass away due to self-destructive behavior. I am lucky to have not fell victim as well. Written by Dave Grohl, not sure if this is about Kurt Cobain, but it certainly describes what one goes thru. And as an aside, I do forgive both Rex and Krista. God bless them!