Constructive Summer (cover)

Constructive Summer. The lyrics speak to the bleak hopelessness of living in the Mid-West of the United States And the triumphant sets of friends one gets to live with, in order to survive. I think this is a good track. (lyrics) Me and my friends are like The drums on “Lust for Life” We pound it out on floor toms Our psalms are sing-along songs This whole town is like this Been that way our whole lives, just Work at the mill []

Cruel to Be Kind (cover) live

Cruel to Be Kind, live. It is time to start drawing. I think that I just threw my voice for the day, doing multiple takes of this. Enjoy and as for me, back to the drawing board! 🙂

the Death of You and Me (cover)

the Death of You and Me (high flyin’ birds cover) (lyrics) High tide, summer in the city, The kids are looking pretty, But isn’t it a pity, That the sunshine is followed by a thunder, And thoughts of going under, And is it any wonder Why the sea’s calling out to me I seem to spend my whole life running, From people who would be, The death of you and me, ‘Cause I can feel the storm clouds, Sucking up my soul. []

Chillout Tent (cover)

Chillout Tent. this song was written by the Hold Steady (lyrics) There was a stage and a PA Up in western Massachusetts And the kids came from miles around To get messed up on the music And she drove down from Baudoin With a carload of girlfriends To meet some boys and Maybe eat some mushrooms And they did and she got sick Now she’s pinned and way too shaky She don’t want to tell the doctor Everything she’ s taken The []