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    • I knew an artist over 20 years ago who would paint and deliver wondrous physical representations.
      He understood black and white. Though the color was absent. One day, our Professor came in
      and gave us tests for color blindness. I remember being completely afraid to find out if I could see
      color correctly or not. If not, my future would spell certain doom. Well, this artist I was telling you of,
      learned that he was color blind. His understanding of form, still lead him to be a spectacular sculptor.

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      • The funny thing about being colour blind is that until someone tells you, you don’t have a clue. The day, back at school, when I couldn’t even hit a 1% success rate on the tests was a day that bothered others more than it bothered me. It may sound daft, but I like seeing the world the way I see – a plus really because I can’t change it; it’s all I know. Eventually, when the optician told me, “Sorry, George you’ll never be a front-line soldier; never an airline pilot; a doctor; a police officer etc. etc.” she was taken aback when all I could think of replying was, “And?” I’ve got my music; that’ll do me.


      • Awesome! I have always thought it strange, that all humans are supposed to see 20/20.
        Makes me ask, “Why do we all have to be calibrated that way?” I think Monet was near-sighted.
        All the light in the distances are blurry. I also dig it, because that is how I see without my glasses.


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