Original Music

“I Kill Therefore I Am” written by Phil Ochs as done by ted

this song is as relevant today as it was when it was written in the 1960’s Meet the king of the cowboys, he rides a pale pony He fights the bad boys brings them to their knees He patrols the highways from the air He keeps the country safe from the long hairs I am the masculine american man I kill therefore I am I don’t like the black man, for he doesn’t know his place Take the back of my hand []

Lucky Leo (original song) audio

Hey Man, You’re leaving town for the great highway. I didn’t mean to beg you boy but I surely wished you’d stayed. Hey Man, You’re leaving town I am sure you will be fine. We didn’t treat you all that well, in fact we were unkind. I’d love to love you girl, but I know you won’t be mine. Your husband rode the horse. Ya know, ya nearly lost your life. I don’t want to interrupt your feelings. I don’t want to []

“a Story” new original song with lyrics sheet

“a Story” I’ll state the facts With words I can’t take back The harsh realities of life that lost loves’ prescribe I remember when we were singing on the street corners. I remember when we were gonna be famous performers. Driving down dirt roads, Drawing you as a puff of smoke. And I was gonna be her knight in shining armor. Just singing for her on that street corner. We were gonna be famous performers. As sure as we were compatible as []