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  1. Ted, I commented earlier that I like the portrait a lot and could you send me your email address. If you’re uncomfortable about that my email is zoolonaudio@gmail.com
    The reason I wanted to speak with you is that it’s my mothers birthday next month and she likes the pic and wants it. However its been edited since you first posted it and my face is now as white as snow. Can you revert to the original and let me know if it’s for sale? Thanks in advance ~ George

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    • That is odd about the face. I did not edit it. I wonder what is up with that.. The face should be a sheet of gray, with gold colors around it.. If you don’t mind let me try to do another version of it.. You can see if she likes it.. I just feel that I can do your portrait better that this..It is messy in person… So let me try again? I will post another try of it today..


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